PeCfy is a combination of the words Passion, Experience and Community as the core blocks of the platform being envisaged …

… A platform that creates an eco-system for passionate sports enthusiasts to support connections, fan engagement with each other, enhances sporting event experience along with the purchase of merchandise and memorabilia on a blockchain based NFT marketplace.

… An experience that will change how people embrace going back to the “herd” ways and discover human bonds.

…A platform that is set to revolutionize and redefine how a passionate sports enthusiast will experience their favourite sport.


Connect Enthusiasts

People with similar passion for a sport within a location or across geo locations to connect and form human bonds on a single platform.

Superior Experience

Seamless & Unified user experience across multiple service providers for participating in sporting events.

Sports Tourism

Encourage passionate sports enthusiasts to travel and attend sporting events across the globe.


Buying and selling of official merchandise and authentic signed sports memorabilia.